How To: Prepare for a night of good, healthy sex

You and your boo thang have just decided that you’ll be doing something special for the night. So as you get ready you all your mind can think about is the activities after the date right!!?? Lol

Here are some steps on how to ensure that it’s goin’ down tonight.

Step 1: Go to a restaurant that serves Mexican, Asian, or Jamaican cuisine.

Before you think I’m crazy, it’s good to embrace other cultures and sample their foods..she will definitely think its sexy and don’t be cheap! (Taco Bell and your nearest Chinese spot, and Golden Crust don’t count) However, the whole point of this is too enjoy a dish that has a little chile pepper in it. Chiles warm the body, stimulate feel good endorphins and increases the heart rate.

Step 2: Finish with a nice ginger tea ( if you chose Asian /Jamaican cuisine)

This stimulates energy and increases the blood flow so you can last all night! Though statistically proven it only take 3-7 minutes on average to be satisfied. #fact

Step 3: Take a nice walk.

You enjoyed yourself at the restaurant so now take a calming walk in the night air. Not only will you feel less full ( if you overdid it) but it will be a chance to take in some nice fresh air. By the time this walk is over she’ll probably be nice and chilly and ready to go back to the crib and get next to you.

Step 4: Time for dessert!

Lets not be cliche and “try the whole chocolate covered strawberries idea.” Here’s some new shit! Get a fresh, organic pineapple and cut into decent pieces while she gets comfortable and melt pure cacao (chocolate) from your local health food store all over them. Cacao is filled with antioxidants and it enhances you female libido. Pineapples, besides just being a sexy ass fruit; support reproductive health and produce sex hormones.

Now if this doesn’t help you get it poppin’ then you might just be a wack dude, but hands down this will do the trick and you will be the topic of female convo for at least a couple days!!!

And last but not least, wrap it up!

Happy Sexing!!!!!
Holistic ElleJae

To get more health tips, check her out at naturalnewsexy.wordpress.com 4riaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!



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