While I am a natural girl, I do believe that versatility never hurt anyone! So in regard to the current war going on in the black community ( Team Natural vs Team Creamy Crack) I stand on neither side. I’m reppin’ Team ” Healthy Hair”! , Now please understand that without speaking too much towards one side; by definition, healthy hair is more close to the side of “Team Natural” but a lil bit of weave and wig is definitely fine in my book.

All hair needs hydration. Which means black girls need to stop being afraid of water! Without enough water it leaves the hair ” nappy” and easily broken. Black hair is the most delicate type of hair and needs correct care and attention to grow.

As far as the ” Creamy Crack” goes, there is a specific regimen to follow with relaxed hair. Most women over-process their hair; they relax to frequently in an attempt to keep their hair straighter longer. As the ph of the hair is already compromised it is far more delicate than natural black hair. To add insult to injury, have you ever noticed that people with relaxed hair; though the hair is already straight, tend to flat iron their hair daily??? The correct way to handle a relaxer is to relax hair every 10to 12 weeks, not every month. There should be low heat styling or none at all! You can roller set hair to add body and then wrap it so it is ” laid”.

Some of these ” Team Naturals” out here kill me sometimes. They are like the “Black Panthers ” of the hair world trying to claim you have self hate issue because you want straight hair. Girl stop! So you have chosen to have natural but are you taking care of it correctly or are you just celebrating your new liberation from constant weave use? Some naturals even believe that the correct way to grow that hair is to put some hair-pulling micro braids in. Though braiding can be beneficial, braids that are that tight and small will only lead to breakage. All natural hair styles should be loosely done so that the scalp can breathe. The best thing you can do is avoid the trip to the “Africans” and learn to twist and braid your hair at home. Not only does it save you money, you can make it look exactly how you would like it.

Want natural hair down your back?

Follow these guidelines:

1. Carefully planned and strategic product selection
2. Optimal moisture levels maintained within the strands
3. Good moisture balance with equal amount of protein sources
4. Protection of the hair shaft/ends from heat and physical damage
5. No chemical processing/ chemicals administered no more than every 10 -12 weeks
*6. Diet and body maintained at peak

Healthy diet= Healthy hair, Healthy mind, Healthy body!!!

Holistic ElleJae

*For more about healthy black hair refer to ” The Science of Black Hair” by Audrey Davis-Sivasothy



3 thoughts on “Health Tip Of The Week

  1. Awesome post. Thank you for writing this. It is sad that there is such a divide in terms of hair. Could you write a blog about parabens and phalates in hair products. It is ashame how much formaldehyde is used in beauty products. It is true that one should eat right and take care of themselves to achieve healthy hair.

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