Welp Micheal Jordan just hitting His big 5-0 and counting up them racks from dropping “jays” and not to mention just weeks from his wedding to Miami model Yvette Prieto 35; Micheal Jordan is being sued by a woman named Pamela Smith. Pamela is sueing Jordan for child support and permission to change the boy’s last name to Jordan. She wants the courts to call DNA {Deen-Na} to prove that her son is Jordan’s. I know this is something we probably heard before , it comes on m-f starring a grey headed-white guy name Maury.

At the time of Smith’s son Taj‘s conception 16 years ago, Jordan was still married to longtime ex-wife Juanita Vanoy, who is the mother of their three children.
Taj posted a picture of his mother and Jordan together in the 90s on his Twitter page with the caption “Just Thought I would Leak This!” @TajJordan




Smith also goes by another name twitter “Loveologist Evette”
Her bio says she’s America’s Hottest Love Expert/ Loveologist/Relationship Coach/Author Professional Speaker, Men/Women Issue, Book

Georgia, USA · http://www.officialqueenofromance.com

The site also sells several books, including one titled 10 Tips to Fellatio &
She conducts sex seminars in which she is described as a “hands-on” educator.

Smith filed her court documents on Feb 6 but that isn’t putting a any stop in Micheal and Yvette way, they are still getting married to sometime in late April.

Micheal Jordan’s son to be or not to be?!? —-twitter @TajJordan

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