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Is Brezzy going in on ex girl Karrueche? Listen to the song and tell us what you think!?! Word on the street that Breezy isn’t to happy with ex Karrueche! So he decided to be on his Usher and hit the studio up!

He could be talking to all the hoes in general or maybe just this one in particular !

Breezy and Karrueche are business partners but we have known Breezy to be bout dat life and don’t care who head he step on in the pass! I mean Karrueche is living free in a nice condo that Breezy pay for!And don’t forget the last song he did about her! Is she f$%^ing to pay rent?



“If you say you got to work
why you in the club hoe?
Hell no you can’t smoke my drugs ho
Now you in the club tryin’ to f*** no love hoe
How you do that there?
b**** let the blunt go”

“If you f*****’ for your rent you a lame hoe
Oops, yeah I said that…”

Tell us what you think! Is this for Karrueche or Not?


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