aries smith

Folks crazy now days, and actor/comedian Aries Spears is one of the crazies! The Mad TV star has given up full custody of his 3 year old son after trying to take his wife out the game by swinging on her with a BASEBALL BAT! WTF!

The separation initially started February 7, 2013 when Spear’s wife Elisa Larregui originally filed for divorce, but as in most divorces they were trying to avoid the divorce, but ladies, if yo man swings on you with the bat, it’s time to go! Larregui also stated in some restraining order docs that Spears was verbally and physically abusive father to one of her kids from a previous relationship! She dumb, sound like she was putting that man before her kids, she should have bben left if he was disrespecting her children! Come on ladies yall have to do better! Anyways…

Spears have already given up custody and promised to pay the moving Bil for his ex wife, son, and her kids from a previous relationship.

Aries Spears’ lawyer tells us, “The family is mending and for the moment, they have chosen to place some distance between themselves. Aries and Elisa have been communicating peaceably and have worked things out between themselves. Aries looks forward to spending quality time with his son.”



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