OH LAWDD! LEMON-PEPPER WING STOP!! (in my rick ross voice)

Might be some bad news for the big homie Rick Ross!

So back earlier this year Rozay car was supposedly shot at and he hit a pole or building. The police was called and reports was filed. 50 cent went to blasting him on twitter saying he was lying and how his car get shot up with no bullet holes? Even instagram had thousands of their own Rick Ross gram! Who know what really went down , it was even reported that Rozay lied and didn’t have a chopper in the car.

Welp folks somebody did lie , he was strapped with not just one but two semi-auto. Both weapons were unregistered and the licensed to carry wasn’t valid at that time, but us here in the hood feel that Rozay will be A-O-K (A-O-Kay) he will not have any problems getting off. Don’t forget he did say “These___(insert)___ can’t hold me back”



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