Well damn yall, Porsha has become one our favorite house wives from RHOA and after seeing her in that Trillville video, the hood fell in love. We have been keeping yall updated on all her drama and now it’s safe to say her divorce is getting pretty real!

If you didn’t know, Porsha’s husband, ex-NFLer Kordell Stewart, filed for divorce and didn’t even tell Porsha, she found out on TMZ like it wasn’t her business. Then days later was seen rekindling things with his babaymama. Now that really sucks!


And on that note, Porsha is fighting back and filed a counter-claim stating that she quit working for the last two years and that she also sold her businesses in order to help care for Kordell’s son from a previous relationship. There are other reports that Porsha is also asking for the home she and Kordell resided in as well as alimony.

In his filing, Kordell claimed that his wife was able bodied and therefore she should not receive any spousal support.


Shout out to our girl Porsha for hitting him were it hurts the most, those pockets! Don’t let him play you like that Porsha, if all else fails you can go back to being a video girl!


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