Who would ever seen this coming, maybe from Kim & Ye, but not these idiots! 9 years ago, when Lamar Odom’s mother died of cancer, he opened up a charity called Cathy’s Kids to benefit cancer research. Well after a little investigation from ESPN, it appears Cathy’s Kids have not donated one damn penny to cancer research since they have been in business.

Cathy’s Kids claims to be a dormant charity, not in use. However, ESPN has stated that it is active and Cathy’s kids are lying…shall we say FRAUD! Even Khloe and Lamar’s eBay store includes a reference to the Cathy’s Kids website. The ad’s text reads: “All auction items benefit Cathy’s Kids.”

Damn they trifuling, theyusing the kids to get money for there own gain! The hood doesn’t agree with that, cancer is very serious, and to trick people into donating for personal gain upsets us here in the hood!

AXE Music "One Night Only" Concert Series Featuring Weezer


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