Last nite on the set of Love & Hip Hop ATL, somebody got cut in the face yall, and yall know we had to let the hood know what happened?! Shoutout to MTO for lookin out with the scoop!

Soooo, Karli Redd had a launch party for her new weave line (idk who the hell is going to buy that) and both Erica & Lil Scrappy’s main jumpoff Shay were both invited to the event. Now ususally there is that awkward moment in reality TV when people want to “be the bigger person” and be all no drama. Well acording to the streets, all that classy shit went out the window and both the ladies went straight for each other. Its funny, Lil Scrappy’s women got more scrap than him…lol!


They say Shay was giving Erica the business, but let’s remember Erica has been dealing with Scrappy and hoes like Shay for awhile, and on that note, she was prepared and brought out a razor on that ho! I am not a fan of weapons in fights, but when fighting with love on your mind and in your heart, ain’t no telling the outcome. Shay was rushed to the hospital, bystanders say “it was like a horror movie.”

And we from what the streets are saying, after the incident, security was making people delete any footage they may have got on their phones or other devices.

I always knew Erica was ratchet and I am so happy she snapped, I am a little upset she pulled out the blade, but we feel you in the hood, who wants to get beat up on TV, now everybody will just say, Erica cut that ho!


Wonder where is Scrappy and what he had to say?


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