You don’t nan nigga, who will try Lil Wayne… because yall Trick Daddy and his crew def tried rapper Lil Wayne and his entourage. Trick Daddy has already been feeling some type of way toward Lil Wayne when he was talking trash about the Miami Heat! And Trick has to much pride for anyone to disrespect his city. Trick even talks about how him and Unle Luke have been linking up, trying to bring us back that Miami sound.

TMZ reported that Wayne and his team felt bad vibes and wanted to leave. As they exited someone form Trick Daddy’s crew or probably Trcik himself threw a cigarette at Wayne. The two crews were about to brwal, but security was swift and broke it up before it could escalate.


Damn Weezy in KOD trying to make it rain and get a cigarette thrown at him! That is some type of disrespect. Idk about yall but if someone throws a cigarette at me, there will be a problem. And in the words of Pastor Troy “Police can’t break it up, Can’t nobody break it up, until we f**k them niggas up!”


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