Take Your Shot

I think the year of the gentleman has come and gone and couldn’t be revived by Ne-Yo. There was once a time where the men were chivalrous. Opening doors, pulling out your chair, giving you their jacket if you are cold and most importantly, approaching the young lady they were interested in courting. I can go on and on about how both sides have changed, but I want to tackle this issue first. Why do women have to be so aggressive now if they are interested in a guy? Have the roles been reversed? I am used to a guy approaching me and asking me for my number or a date. I would even give subtle hints to let him know I am interested or he would just have the balls to approach me. Now, hints have turned into outright confessions and the women now wear the pants as they are now more known to approach a guy rather than the opposite way. This needs to a change. Let a lady be a lady and a gentleman be a gentleman. Approach the girl.

Although I feel that men should approach women, this is not to say that women have to always play it cool. There are rare times when a woman can make the first move. Time being an issue is one case. Maybe you do not frequent an area, you’re just visiting, at the club, you’re just trying to stain or you doubt that you will ever see this person again. Then, it is up in the air for anyone to take the shot, therefore, being o.k for a lady to make the move. Another time when it is o.k for the girl to make the first move is when it is between friends who want to take the relationship to the next level; I just hope that the feeling is mutual.
Overall, men should take the reins back and make the first move. Approach the young lady and compliment her, introduce yourself, express your admiration, tell a joke and ask for her number. It isn’t that hard to do. If you don’t make the first move, don’t be surprised if you end up with someone who tends to be more dominant in the relationship or no one at all. Don’t let her do all of the work, be a gentleman and help her out. If you are interested, speak up and take the opportunity while it presents itself. It may not be there forever.


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