The Baddest Chick Trina young brother Goonkie was killed in a gunfight after an altercation.


NBC6 News:

On the morning of Tuesday April 23, Wilbert “Gonk” Bain – brother of former Slip-N-Slide rapper Trina – was shot and killed in his native Miami. Police announced that they have arrested 27-year-old Ron Dobson in connection to the murder.

According to NBC 6, Dobson and Bain got into a dispute at approximately 9:35 AM on Tuesday. When Bain got off his bicycle and approached Dobson, Dobson pulled a firearm from his waistband and shot Bain multiple times.


Neighbors told sources that the two lived on the same block and were friends, but that a feud had been ensuing between them prior to the murder.

As of now, Dobson has been charged with second-degree murder and is currently being held without bond. Bain had survived a previous shooting in 2008, and had a rap sheet that included gun possession, drugs, burglary and domestic violence.




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