Fellas, do you like to casually date? You know, get in, get out and keep it moving? This has been a trend for a very long time, so I know if you are not doing this now, chances are that you have once before. I bet it felt great to not be tied down to anyone, but still enjoy the sweet, sweet feeling of…mmmm, yeah, that! What is it considered when a guy does this? Playing the field, a player, having hoes, doing you, or being the man. What if a lady wanted to enjoy the labor as well? Can she just get hers and continue on with life free from restraint? I think so. There is nothing wrong with a woman getting her “O” without being in a relationship or just getting it and, literally, leaving. Anything a guy can do, almost at least, a girl can do as well!


It is very hypocritical of a guy to impose double standards on a female just because of her sex. If sleeping with more than one person or a person just for a nut does not make you a hoe, slut, tramp, jezebel or whatever other derogative words you can think of, then it does not make a female one either. Sometimes ladies just want to release that tension without the relationship, just like guys. Let’s just have an agreement that when I need you for what I need you for (sex), you will be there. And if you aren’t, I might just find another one to fulfill my needs. Now, I am not encouraging females, or males for that matter, to run loose and give away all of your cookies. What I am encouraging is safe sex without a relationship. I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. It isn’t everyone’s business in the first place, so keep it to yourself. For those who do have something to say, don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house. When you point a finger, three are pointing back at you. Insert other clichés and metaphors here that simply mean STOP JUDGING!! Find your own business to tend to and let those who want to run free, run free. Bottom line: Two can play that game!



Disclaimer: This advice is not intended to encourage underage, teenage sexual behavior.




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