Take your ass to the doctor and stop being scary!!

I speak from the heart and want to bring awareness to some people who haven’t been to the doctor in years. It is normally said that black people don’t go to the doctor. I can’t decided how I feel about that comment??

Personally speaking I spent my Wednesday going to several doctors offices making sure all of my blood work and levels were in balance. I will soon be losing my insurance (no longer allowed to be on parents insurance after 26) and though I know I will have some in the near future I do not want to overlook anything.I know there are a lot of people in my age group who may/ may not have insurance due to being unemployed or being employed at place that does not offer it but I can’t speak enough about finding a way to stay informed about your body. As a black woman many statistics point to me and I refuse to be a number. I empower you ( whoever you are) to do the same.

People swear they are out here livin’ and are lying to themselves because health is number 1. Once you know you are healthy you can really begin to live because you don’t have to remind yourself to take a pill or feel tired and fatigued and crash. It is a gradual path to wellness so I ask no one to change their life immediately but just be mindful of your personal mistakes and make healthy changes. Are you ready to start living for real!!????


Here’s some truth for you:

The United States is 50 in the race as far as overall health goes. Aren’t we supposed to be the most established, most powerful nation?? I think our priorities are a little out of hand. What do you think??

Holistic Ellejae


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