I will never tell a soul to become and vegan or vegetarian
or not to eat any type of animal protein of any kind.
However I need people to start giving a fuck about what they are digesting.
Companies use marketing to sell their food and have people who create
flawless looking meals or cuts of meats to make people want to buy.
Here is a picture that should bring worry to all…


This meat will still be cut to be sold.

Without knowing how the disease has affected the meat ; people are going to digest it. After eating this you probably will not die however you may notice frequent headaches, fatigue,bad diarrhea, or some other “normal” symptom that you will probably blame on something else. The phrase ,”It must have been something I ate!” is more serious than you know because it definitely was.

How can you make better choices??

1. Try and get your meat as fresh as possible. Shop Organic!
– there are still farmers and slaughterhouses out there that practice safe meat production and do not pump their products full of steroids but let their animals eat what nature has provided for us.

2. Try to designate a day without any animal protein.
– “Meatless Monday” has become popular in many American homes. Use this day to try something completely new.

Seeing this picture should evoke questions, I know it sure does for me. This definitely proves the power of money vs the morals of the world.

Question it!!!

Holistic ElleJae


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