I Spy

It seems like the summer is quickly approaching. For some people, this is the time to drop the baggage and just chill solo. For others, this may be the time where they are looking for a new piece of luggage to take along on their summer expedition. Either way, you need to know where you can find new luggage or the perfect place to fly solo with an occasional friend. I have just what you are looking for. The best places to look for the summer!
I had a friend ask me “how do you know which guy at the club is the right one to get serious with?” Ok, so in case others are a little stuck in this area as well, let me help you out. Do not have intentions on being serious with anyone you meet at the club. I am not saying that it cannot happen, just don’t expect it to happen. The club or a party is a place to go to chill and hang out with your friends in an energized environment where you can, hopefully, forget about your worries for the night. It is not where you go to make your next move in life. For that reason, clubs and parties are the perfect place to scout for your one night or summer fling. Let’s also add the beach, bars, or when you go out of state/town on trips (this really depends on how the two of you handle it. You can make it more if that’s the intentions) to this list.

summer time

If you are looking for something that may happen to be a little more serious or steady, then try slightly social places or somewhere where there is an opportunity to have a longer conversation like a barbeque or friendly function like a birthday party or something thrown at the house where there is space and opportunity. You can also do this at the grocery store, mall, when you go out to eat, church (hallelujah), walking around downtown, the gym, the coffee shop or deli and even just hanging out on your porch and someone happens to pass by. There needs to be an inviting environment that doesn’t feel rushed or like a conversation cannot take place at that time. The movies, bowling, an arcade/game room place are other locations where you can meet someone.
To be honest, you can meet people almost anywhere where the intentions can be almost anything. It all depends on what you want, what you are looking for and the communication between you and the person you spy. Just keep an eye out for children by their side, wedding rings, wedding ring tans, what’s in the shopping cart and who’s tagging along with them. This could be an indication of what you are about to get into, what you can expect and may lead to some questions you want to ask before you propose anything.
Best of Luck!

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