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Saddom Kross

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Mannnnnnn the hood was bsy and BOOMIN harder than your trap today! Dre Tha Official & Round Da Way pooh were joined by guest DJ C-Bird in the hood! And of course the hood’s favorite intern “Don’t Try Me Tina” was in the hood cuttin up and ready! And we had community affairs today with Lady Dee of wgocharlotte.com giving us the scoop on things we need to know! And as for interviews we hit you with four, starting with the Inkd 4 Life Magazine family in the hood educating us on things we didn’t even know! Then we had Saddom Kross in the builiGd chopping it up with us about his new music and his concert at the Ultra Lounge this Sunday 6/16! Then Bravado Management’s J.Bo in the hood to drop off his new joint “Shoutout Da Plug” and he updated us on his 4th of July cookout at the intersection of Arrowwood & Nations Ford! So make sure yall come out and support! And then we ended the show with DJ Prince telling us about his summer jam event in Fayetteville, NC this weekend for all independent artists and he dropped off his new joint “Grind Everyday!” So TURN UP & TUNE IN TO THE LIVEST SHOW PLAYING THE HOTTEST UNDERGROUND AND INDEPENDENT JAMZ! #BOUTDATLIFERADIO




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