Mikel Ruffinelli reportedly has the biggest hips in the world. At 420 pounds and eating 3,000 calories a day to keep the figure she’s proud of, she loves her curves.

Every chick that got any kind of curves, including me, she put all of us to shame. 8ft in circumference, not being able to fit in a car, and sitting in steel supported chairs at home Mikel refuses to do anything about them hips. She got the ass that literally everything and everyone can sit on. All the big booty celebs K. Michelle, Beyonce, Fantasia, etc… ya’ll better take notice because YA’LL AIN’T GOT NOTHING ON HER in ‘Gucci’s voice’. Aye Miley you was shaking for Juicy Jay get some of Mikel’s ass trust you will shut shit down!!!!



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