Health Tip of the Week

It’s the hardest thing on the world to except the truth, especially if you know nothing about it. This week’s health tip is one that draws tears and may make one sick so please watch and proceed with caution.


Where does our meat come from!?


When you go to the supermarket and hit the meat section I don’t think you stop to think the road the meat has travelled to get to this very point. There was a point in my life that I definitely did not think of it. I thought probably just like most that cows, chickens, turkeys, and pigs etc were grazing, munching on grass and roaming free. I thought they were slaughtered and raised humanely; sometimes that is the case but most times not.


Factory farming is how most of the meat used for consumption is raised. The animals live in these cages where they eat, sleep, and shit. They are never able to graze ,tortured, and are sometimes starved or served antibiotics and steroids as well parts from animals (the same as them) that may have died. A breeding ground for disease and torture, these factory farms provide most of your favorite supermarkets with meat.

You buy it, bring it home and serve it to your families. What you may get is bad energy from this meat and /or sickness that often goes ignored or undiagnosed. Am I suggesting veganism? No. Because there is no “one size fits all” formula to eating, some people do require animal products in their diets.

What can you do?
– Learn about your meat and where it comes from
– make sure it is raised and slaughtered humanely
– shop local farms
– try to add more vegetables to your diet and subtract the large amounts of meat being consumed
-start a revolution for change in our community
– go to meat.org and sign up to try vegetarian for 30 days


Know this…..
Not only do we care about the animals but we care about our bodies. We only get one so we must do our best to care for it!

Hit me for more details!
@holisticlysxy (twitter)


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