When Kanye West wrote about his relationship with Jay-Z, everyone found it cool that although there was a bit of competition between the two that they could still remain friends and supportive of each other. Well, it’s not all Basquiats and Maybachs in Jay and Kanye’s world. In a recent interview with BBC’s Radio 1, Jay-Z revealed he and Kanye had an argument over songs.

According to Shawn Carter, the plan was for them to record all of the material for what was to become “Watch the Throne” and then go straight into making music for their own solo projects. In the process of doing so, they got into a small quarrel. “

We had this whole plan when me and Kanye did [the] “Watch The Throne” album that we would go right into our solos after that. Soon as I thought we had wrapped up Watch the Throne, I made two records — I had ‘Holy Grail’ and ‘Oceans’ … and I played those records for Kanye. And he was like, ‘No, those have to go on Watch the Throne,‘” Jay-Z confessed.This tidbit of information could be one of the reasons Kanye West wasn’t rocking with “Suit & Tie.” You know Kanye West is emotional so when he didn’t get what he wanted, he most likely threw a tantrum. But all is well in the 1% rap club because they are working on “Watch The Throne 2.”



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