Well yall, everybody’s favorite side chick Shay Johnson from LHHATL was busy on Power 105 running her mouth about Scrappy’s baby mama Erica Dixon. Shay said that “Erica was never Scrappy’s number one girl and even claims that Erica was Scrappy’s jumpoff while he was dating Diamond of Crime Mob! her exact words were : “Diamond was his main girl. He was living with Diamond. He was with her for five years and Erica was always opening those legs to him all the time.” She also admitted that Erica was with Scrappy first, but she “cheated on him first at the beginning of their relationship.” And goes on to say “From what I was told by Scrappy she always messed with raggedy, bum dudes,” she explained. “Then he started messing around. It’s been this on-and-off thing for a while.”

But of course, the main side chick had more to say in reguards to the LHHATL reunion which they shot last week. Shay says “Scrappy made an announcement on the reunion, and I can’t wait until y’all hear it,” she gushed. “She was messing with a married man and got pregnant by him,” she revealed of Erica.

This interview really shows why Shay won’t ever be much, because she was really giving Erica publicity and not herself. Furthermore, the hood is going to have to ask Shay to get some damn business, aint shit she said had nothing to do with her. She must really be pressed for Scrappy after getting played out 2 seasons in a row. This reunion is clearly goin to be very interesting. And we can’t wait to hear Erica’s version of this shit!

Catch the interview below:


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