120402042955-nr-trayvon-martin-timeline-00014727-story-topBDLR: Health tip this week with a little twist…..

Last time Trayvon was alive…..


This week I wanted to speak on a situation fresh in most of our minds. The justice unseen in the Trayvon Martin case. If you’re like me you can’t forget that outrageous ” not guilty” verdict. It shows us something I have always known, that we have a flawed, unjust system.

What do we do now!? That’s the question on everyone’s mind. I can give you tips on what we shouldn’t do…

1. We should not stoop to the level of ignorance that is George Zimmerman and the jurors

– as wrong as he is doing something just a wrong would not make us any better. Don’t go to his house or get a hit man. He’s not worth the bullet!

2. We should not be “too” informed.

– try to take a bit of time away from the blogs, the news or any media formed around the case. It can be a gift and a curse, one may be overwhelmed and unable to keep positive. This can cause stress and unrest. Constantly seeing negative images can breed negative thoughts. We need to try to be positive


3. Regardless of the verdict, Do not think this is the end!

Being a very spiritual person helps me understand things like karma, and the power of God. Your spiritual health is just as important as anything else. Having a good relationship with a higher power keeps you positive. Know that whatever may happen to this horrible person is only what he will get back for completing such a malicious crime. Pray for his family and pray for a better, more fair resolution.


Here’s what we should do!!!

Know that you can make a difference. We need to unite and know that whatever the sacrifice it must be made to get results. It’s time for us to be selfless and create change. If it can’t be done in a big way, it can surely be done one person at a time. Lets create a ripple effect!!!


Holistic Ellejae

@holisticlysxy (twitter)


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