Last Stop

A great and close friend of mine asked, how do you let go and move on? I see this question as a challenge, so I’m going to try my best to answer it. I think the answer is simple and complicated. There isn’t one basic formula that any and everyone can follow to make everything all better and help you carry on with life as if that person never existed. The hardest part is not being in love with them anymore and letting go of whatever happened between you two. I feel the solution to both is time.


The reason why this question is simple is because the answer is one word. Time. You do not have to kill yourself, move half way around the country or join the circus. You simply have to give it time. You need time to figure out what you learned, what you want in a partner, if you’re ready for a relationship, time to heal and time to move on. It doesn’t happen overnight unfortunately. This question is also complicated because the answer is time. For everyone, the amount of time is different and a factor could very well be what you do in that time. Are you still communicating with them? Still talking about them? Still pondering over what went wrong? Still seeing them? Do you stay inside mopping? Are you dating again? Are you comparing everyone after to them? Is your focus still, consciously or subconsciously, on them?


Another factor in time is what you two share; property, friends, and children. Sometimes, this may make it harder for you to let go. Mutual friends may constantly bring the ex up and property and children may cause you guys to have to see each other more than you would like. Fortunately, these things make it harder, but not impossible. And just because you don’t have these issues doesn’t mean it will be easy. The simple, complicated answer of time is all I can give you. What you do with that time and in that time is up to you. You can ride a bus to the end of the line, but it’s your choice to get off or stay on. You will get off when you are ready to get off. When it is time to get off. Rushing it will only put you off at the wrong stop. Take your time and watch your step.

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