I know yall didn’t see this coming and the hood didn’t neither. Either way it going down and somebody weave is going to hit the floor. Sources say it all started with Wendy talking about the Love & Hip Hop on her show.

Wendy said, “This is got to be the most ratchet [of] all reality shows on TV. It is disgusting but I can not stop watching,” the talk show host said on the “Wendy Williams Show.” “The show makes me embarrassed to be black.”

And in response Momma Dee said, “Get the Hell off. You don’t know us b***h. If you had us on the show you could get to know us. You can fake and taint what you want — if you took time to have the cast on your show you’d know,” she said during n interview with RumorFix. “A cracker paid you to do your own show and you’re going to belittle us … Wendy you forgot where you came from!”

Momma Dee i putting on, she know Love & hip Hop is ratchet. That is why we tune in, we don’t care about thier families, love lives, and wanting to restart your career. We just want the fights, gossip, and ratchetness. The hood don’t know about this… Do you think Momma Dee shold be mad???

2momma dee


One thought on “LHHATL Mom, Momma Dee Goes In On Wendy Williams!

  1. Momma Dee needs to have several seats. Her illiterate behind is probably one of the reasons Wendy even said that. As a black entertainer it’s good to versatile, like a chameleon and prove any racist wrong. Like BoutDatLifeRadio said we watch to laugh at you and gossip because you sold your soul for an ignorant reality show. So lets not point blame at Wendy who worked hard in radio, wrote books and challenged her guests to tell the truth. She keeps it all the way real and she just did with Momma Dee! Sit down Momma Dee we don’t believe you!

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