Drink lemon water!!!

Lemon is nature’s bleach. It can be used to whiten teeth and lighten scars/dark spots on the body. Aside from the external benefits it also helps to detox mucus and other horrible toxins from the body internally.

Upon waking up in the morning; drinking a cup of hot, boiled water lubricates the body and gets all the organs ready to function. If drinking hot water seems weird you can add a little flavor by squeezing the juice of half a lemon into it. You can also make cold refreshing lemon/citrus infused water that keeps you hydrated and works great for weight loss.

Lemon slices

Lemon has a laundry list of benefits and they have been used for centuries and has many anti-cancer properties. If you’re thinking of buying lemon juice in a bottle, you should know that supermarkets have been passing off flavored sugar water and selling it as lemon juice.


It’s best to buy the real lemon so there is no confusion.

Holistic Ellejae


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