Are you balanced!?

Our body tells us everything we need to know about our health and foods and products we use to feed it can create or disrupt our balance.

The ph scale is from 1- 14
The closer to one the more acidic, which is out of balance
The closer to 14, the more alkaline which is also out of balance.
Our body’s ph should be between 7.2-7.4.

To create balance is to basically put yourself through trial and error to figure out what works best for you. An out of balance person and/body may have several symptoms:
– overweight/underweight
– skin problems
-loss of hair
– no energy
– always feeling sick


With diet it is best to incorporate more vegetables and fruits (that are fairly low on the glycemic index) into your diet and less acidic things like meat ( chicken, beef, pork, etc). This will be hard for some but know it will benefit your life. Let me be clear I am not suggesting you become vegetarian or vegan. I’m simply suggesting that you cut back on the amount consumed.

Everybody wants to be in balance to live life at an optimal level ; lets try something new! Look for testing strips and test your ph to see where you are on the scale, it could save your life!

Holistic Ellejae
For more info: naturalnewsexy.worpress.com

akalinity--ph balance your body, acidity.preview


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