Some Beyonce fns would die for her, well apparently not her UK fans. They don’t care about Beyonce’s tenure, her diva attitude will not be tolerated cross the big pond! Attendants of the V Festival 2013 at Highlands Park in Chelmsford, UK Booed Beyonce when she hit the stage 20 minutes late for a performance on Saturday.

Beyonce had fans waiting 20 minutes in the rain for her and the fans got heated to find out they were waiting because the diva in King Bey came out and she didn’t want to get her new cropped wig wet.
Along with Beyonce keeping fans on pause, the sound was awful. “The sound was so terrible people were just walking away halfway through her set.” said one of the upset patrons.

Beyonce thanked the remaining fans for sticking around. “Thank you all so much for waiting in the rain … Now let’s have some fun in the rain. It feels good doesn’t it,” she said.

V Festival: Chelmsford - Day 1

According to V Festival staff, Beyonce’s was acting like diva because The V Festival was broadcast live for fans at home who couldn’t attend the concerts. But Beyonce’s set was mysteriously blacked out on TV. Hosts Edith Bowman and Steve Jones told NME that Beyonce refused to give them clearance to air her set.

Damn Bey! Now you know we love you in the hood girl, but you can’t have folks waiting in the rain for you, but we ain’t mad at you for not giving them clearance to air you on TV, tell’em cut the cut he check Bey!


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