Spoiled Milk


I love fresh milk! I can drink it all day if I want. But who likes spoiled milk? No one. You know, there are countless songs and poems about treating a female good because once a good girl is gone, she’s gone forever. Honestly, I now think that line means that she is gone from that person forever. But when a good guy goes bad, you might as well fold it up because it is a wrap.

Unfortunately, in my experience, guys are not the best or quickest at expressing their emotions, but that is not to say that guys don’t love hard, especially their first love. When a guy is truly in love, it is just like a child in love with their parents. It’s genuine and pure. When that love is tainted, it’s gone for a long time.


I think that girls are quicker to forgive than guys. Girls seems to always find themselves back to being hopeless romantics believing that their true love is out there, while guys will continue to have the “fuck love” mentality and will withdraw themselves from intimacy in hopes of dodging another heartbreak.

Guys will categorize all of the females they encounter and probably avoid “good girls” just so they won’t have to travel down that route again. They want to live more and not be involved in anything serious. If they do get into something serious, they either find a way out or end up messing up, not even thinking about what heartache they have caused. It is as if guys become foreign to love and will not think about renewing their passport for a long time.


I am saying all of this to say that it isn’t always about you. We have to learn that if we have a good man on our hands then we should treat him like the man he is. Help him when he is down, don’t lead them on, and just support them in their good endeavors. Basically, you should treat your mate the way you want to be treated. I am not saying kiss ass, over do your part or put in more than you are getting out. I am saying to simply recognize when you have a good man on your hands and treat him as such. Don’t let the milk go bad and expect someone else to drink it. It will all come full circle eventually.



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