Give your children a chance!

Today we send our youth to school with foods that have ingredients we cannot even explain. Unfortunately in their time the most likely will never know what real food is. Packed with artificial colors, refined sweeteners and other garbage a life with this food is sure to cause long term effects.

Fact: Did you know that artificial colors , flavors and excess sugar bring along ADHD in children!?

Yet parents run to the doctors to quickly to get their children a medical solution including drugs that may later make changes in the body and caused many things to become worse before they get better.

happy kids healthy kids eat healty food

Fact: A diet high in junk food can cause a hormonal imbalance in the body that may cause obesity, issues with the skin, normal male and female bodily functions (I.e. menstruation).

There is not one child that does not benefit from healthier food in the diet and being young does not make them invincible. I often hear the phrase, ” They’re just kids! ” This is by far the most ignorant response I have ever heard in my life. So I guess being a child means you can consume all types of foods that aren’t good for you with no worries??



Fact: Did you know these companies solicit to children daily by using bright colors on the package, gifts upon purchase, and their favorite tv characters.

Think! The children don’t realize marketing schemes but we as adults do.


Stop doing your children a disservice and give them foods that will fill their bodies with power and strength.

Next week learn about the benefits of a healthy diet for children…..

Holistic Ellejae



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