Do you know what feeds your skin!?

With so many over the counter products how can you possibly know what works for you?

As someone who has had a life filled with a myriad of skin issues it has been detrimental to my health that I find products that act as natural medicine to my skin.


For years Vaseline has been a staple in many black homes as a means to keep the skin soft and shiny but did you know that this products does nothing to your skin but clog your pores? Once you pores are clogged that could lead to excess build up and allow toxins ( dirt) and germs to live in and on the skin. This create body acne, skin rash and add a nasty dull look to the skin.


Hair grease, another staple in many the black homes is said to moisturize the scalp, promote growth and tame your curls. This product is also full of petrolatum and mineral oils that often clog the pores in the scalp allowing growth to be stunted, excess dandruff build-up , and actually gives no nutrients to the scalp.

You should never look at the back of a product bottle and be confused about its ingredients. Anything you use on your skin and hair should have recognizable ingredients that are created by nature.


Here’s what to look out for:

-Sodium laureth Sulfate
-Mineral oil
-Propylene glycol
-Products with alcohol
– products with artificial colors and smells

-Natural oils
(Jojoba, vitamin e, avocado, grape seed, olive oil, unrefined Shea butter)
– natural smells and colors

Think of your pores like your mouth, they absorb everything you put into them. So ask yourself, ” Would I poison my skin!?”

Holistic Ellejae


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