Well all love the ignorance that is Kat Stacks… Our good friends over at MetroProponent.com caught up with the drama queen and sent us the scoop:

Andrea Herrera AKA Kat Stacks is known for being “out-of-pocket”. However last week, her latest rant ended her career with the widely known World Star Hip Hop (WSHH). The public watched this girl go from the ultimate groupie, leading Worldstarhiphop.com views to record numbers – to nearly being deported – to being released into a World Star Hip Hop conglomerate team. Most recently Kat Stacks has dropped WSHH to go back to what she knows, being independent and pure entertainment. She is exposing Q of World Star for being a womanizer and disloyal. After clearly showing the world she is down for him more than any other woman on the planet by tattooing his face on her back, Q has turned his back on her. While no one knows the entire story, here is Kat Stacks side… Was it all a publicity stunt? Is Q of World Star clever enough to pull this off? Or is this just disloyalty at its finest?

You can now book Kat Stacks by contacting Tashea@MTAbooking.com or call (678)480-0372 and mention interview with metro proponent

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Tweet @qworldstar for more info on Kat Stacks book “Surviving Savagery to Saving Lives”

Check out the full interview:


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