BDLR“Bout Dat Life Radio” is a Independent online radio show that continues to showcase music from all over the world. Bout Dat Life Radio started on 89.3 “The Storm” almost 2 years ago. We have music executives such as A&R’s , radio Host, songwriters, producers and managers that share their background, knowledge and experience in the entertainment industry. Thanks to our Broadcasting school and connects we have made through our networking.  The purpose of the show is to give everyone an opportunity to be heard and to have their music, or projects displayed.  We are constantly looking for ways to expand and bring awareness and unity to unsigned artists and underground talent.  We are a independent radio that understands what indie artist have to go through! This is a Tuff & Cruel industry, they will eat you alive… Bout Dat Life Radio Got Cha’ Back! Let’s hold each other up (support) and build together! We are here to help and promote you!

We have live interviews, talk, news, hot topics, features and so much more!

Keep an open mind and get ready to laugh because we keep  it “real” ignant!! 4riiaaaaa!! We like to have fun! Bout Dat Life Radio interview Athletes, Celebrities, Entrepreneurs and Indie Artist across the globe. The audience includes varies of talents from all over ranging from vocalists, producers, engineers’, film productions, athletes, authors , models and more. Anyone willing and ready to network. Email us at boutdatlifeent@gmail.com. We also host events/parties/mixtapes, model/vixen service, ADP, location finder, VOs, promotion/advertisment, Commercials, PR services and so much more! Please feel free to contact us! Make sure you tune in every Monday & Wednesday at 9pm with ‘Dre Tha Official” and “Round Da Way Pooh” *Nation Station* {BOUT DAT LIFE ENT}

Thanks for all the SUPPORT and make sure you SUPPORT the movement! There are some very talented artist out here.

SHOUT TO EVERYONE THAT SUPPORTS & BOUT DAT LIFE RADIO —> Entertainment Industry, from the interns to the Ceo of music, DJ’s, fashion, comedy, the big screen, writers, sports and everything in-between. #SALUTE LET’S WORK!

Email: @boutdatlifeent@gmail.com

Twitter: @boutdatlifelive

Facebook: bout dat life radio

Instagram: Boutdatliferadio



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